Jobs in NGO’s, foundations, nonprofit, public sector…

Imagine a triangular table, with three legs. You need the three legs to be of equal length so as to have a stable and well balanced table. Now imagine this table is your job. And the legs are the following:

  1. The tasks = the ‘what
  2. The workplace = the ‘where and how
  3. The mission = the ‘why

Some of our clients discovered that they had been focusing on changing jobs, hoping that the workplace was the cause for their lack of professional well-being regardless of their passion and talent for the tasks they were asked to do. But at the end of the day, even if they find more friendly environments, less stressful, more professional, etc.. they still find themselves unsatisfied. When we work on analysing their values and priorities in depth, it jumps out at them that the cause of this was the other leg: the mission of the companies or organisations they had been working for.

When you’d rather focus on your personal life

We have different roles in our life, and sometimes one of these roles requires much more attention than others. It might be due to an external negative event, a threat, or even a great opportunity we wouldn’t like to waste. As professional life is just a part but not 100% of our life, it can be affected by the change of focus.

At OrientaEuro, we consider professional life as a very important part of our life in general but not a mean in itself. It should be a source of income, enjoyment and meaning. Many of the tools we offer you to significantly increase your professional well-being are also applicable and very valuable for your other roles in life.

Motivated by money or driven by your passion?

Passion or moneyOne of the key questions that usually arises during the career guidance and career coaching processes, is related to the main driver of your choice. Might a trade-off exist between what you are really passionate about and what you believe could be more profitable? Is it possible to have both? If not, which one should you prioritise? We find people whose priority is to find a position that gives them social prestige, people looking for a profession that gives them money to have certain well-being and lifestyle while others are inclined to find an activity they really enjoy and feel is a true ‘calling‘. This is valid not only when choosing among different job options, but also when deciding whether to study a Master degree, what studies to select when attending a college or university, and so on.