6 tips to unmask your hidden talents

We all have characteristics that make us unique, and talents are a part of that. However, identifying them is not always easy. Certain talents are obvious from childhood, but sometimes you need more time and patience to discover them. So, what is a talent? According to the dictionary, it’s: “a special natural or learned ability or aptitude in a particular domain”. Discovering a talent can have an impact on your life and interfere with your current plans! If you haven’t yet discovered what your own talents are (or if you’d like to discover what your hidden talents are), this article will give you a few ideas.

The 7 main advantages of my weaknesses


We always recommend that we should discover our strengths and make the most of them rather than deal with our weaknesses. It is the most productive, most efficient, and especially, the most satisfying thing for us.

But what happens when because of personal decisions that we have prioritised, we are in an environment that is not conducive to express our strengths but rather tends to expose our weaknesses?

This card fills us with pride


This end of the year card is different to the rest and fills us with pride because the artist who did it and sent it to us is Maria Laura Balian, to whom we will always feel attached: Thanks to the career coaching process we did with her, she came back to her real talents and dreams and managed to start abroad a new career path in the arts, her true passion.

This proof of talent and gratitude renews our energy to continue in 2014 helping more and more people to find or rediscover their inner motivations and talents and to make a living from their passion.