How to become Regretless Seniors?

Forbes published an article called ‘The 25 biggest regrets in life‘ which has quickly become very popular.

Why can’t we resist to read an article with such a title?
Because everybody wants to avoid feeling regrets; to avoid being in that situation once they have no more time and energy left to materialise their pending dreams.

What do we do after having read that type of article?

Teenagers listening to Seniors’ advice


Thanks to our Intergenerational project “Seniors and Youth” we were able to indirectly liaise the Brussels teenagers with the Brussels Seniors via a series of short career advise movies.

The event took place on the 29th of October 2014 in OrientaEuro’s premises at Les Atelier des Tanneurs, Brussels, where during 2 hours 15 adolescents actively participated in the workshop. The activities touched upon three major axes of action: (1) self-knowledge, (2) external world and job market, and (3) the decision-making process.

During the workshop “Atelier d’Orientation vers les Études et Professions” focused on choosing the studies, among various games and assignments, two short movies of Josine and Eve, members of Senior centers run by our partner the Ville de Bruxelles in Laeken, were screened and followed by an animated debate.

Those movies were based on interviews with persons who have already finished their professional career and were willing to share with the young ones their opinions and views on talents, passions, income, job satisfaction, defeats, fears, success stories, career strategies, difficult life choices. Seniors, via those short movies, gave a wise and impartial advice on life in general, and how to make the best choices throughout life.

You can learn more about the “Seniors and Youth” project here.

“Moed!”, “Don’t be too harsh on yourself!”, “Il faut vivre ses passions!”

…Those would be the exemplary pieces of advice in Dutch, English and in French that some of the Seniors living in Belgium would like to share with the young adults prior to them choosing their career or studies.

OrientaEuro is carrying out a “Seniors and Youth” project approaching Seniors of Brussels and asking them about their own life and professional experiences, and the possible regrets or mistakes they had made throughout their lives so that you can make the best school and career choices by learning from the elders’ experience. Here, we will share with you some of the advice we think is still relevant nowadays.