Open letter to the Dean

(Open Letter in response to the participation of Frédéric Nils, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political science at the University of St. Louis, on the show “Questions Clés” on 19.08.2015)

While there are some concepts expressed by Dean Frédéric Nils that we share, in general he shows certain prejudices which are now baseless, and may be the result of a lack of knowledge of other more non-traditional lines of action. The fact that Mr. Nils recommends caution regarding all guidance tests unless they come from the French community is for me a good indicator of this lack of knowledge. I understand that in Belgium there is a bias against private and lucrative practice, and discussion about it goes beyond the boundaries of this forum. However, even if this prejudice was well-founded, there is an alternative between public practice and commercial practice, and it is the existence of guidance specialists who operate on a non-profit basis, like OrientaEuro Belgium for which I am the managing director.