Jobs in NGO’s, foundations, nonprofit, public sector…

Imagine a triangular table, with three legs. You need the three legs to be of equal length so as to have a stable and well balanced table. Now imagine this table is your job. And the legs are the following:

  1. The tasks = the ‘what
  2. The workplace = the ‘where and how
  3. The mission = the ‘why

Some of our clients discovered that they had been focusing on changing jobs, hoping that the workplace was the cause for their lack of professional well-being regardless of their passion and talent for the tasks they were asked to do. But at the end of the day, even if they find more friendly environments, less stressful, more professional, etc.. they still find themselves unsatisfied. When we work on analysing their values and priorities in depth, it jumps out at them that the cause of this was the other leg: the mission of the companies or organisations they had been working for.