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12 keys to choosing the best career coach for you

Making the decision to improve your professional life through career coaching is only the first step. The big question now is, how do you choose the right career coach for you? You do not need to worry about this: OrientaEuro’s director will do the matching for you from among its 30 career coaches, based on a pre-questionnaire which you fill-in.
But, if you have no other choice than to tackle this decision by yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind and help you with your decision.

Career Coaching Testimonial: “Regain your Motivation”

Axelle, one of OrientaEuro’s ICF accredited coaches, explains why most of her clients decide to come to OrientaEuro’s Personalised Career Coaching, and how she uses her own talents and passions to help them.  Axelle believes that her strongest talent is listening and understanding the situation of others, and that combining this with her passion of relating to others is what makes her a good coach. 

Personalised Career Coaching Testimonial: “A Valuable Investment”

“You’re always going to be so much more successful if you pick a career that you want to do” – Nicolas

Nicolas had just finished college when he decided to do Career Coaching, as he believed it’s a very important time to make a wise choice. The coaching sessions helped him find the right path by letting him know himself a little better and to have a clearer picture of the full range of careers available.

5 key things to look at when choosing your career coach

Choosing a career coach in Belgium can certainly be a daunting task. Simply type ‘career coaching’ into google and you will be bombarded with thousands of different companies and mainly individual coaches, all trying to sell very different services but under the same name. So what do you have to do to separate the self-acclaimed coaches from the true professionals, and find a coach you will get along with?

Personalised Career Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get answers here to most of your Frequently Asked Questions about OrientaEuro’s Career Coaching:

How will it help me?
Who is this for?
Am I too old for this?
Isn't too late to start a new career?
Would I be throwing away all those years of studying and work experience?
Will Career Coaching tell me which job I should be in?
Will Career Coaching get me a job?
I’m unemployed. Is this service still relevant to me?
How long does the programme last?
Is there homework?
What languages do you offer the programmes in?
What happens if I don’t live near one of your coaches?
What skills do I need?
Who are the coaches and how experienced are they?

If I decide to quit the programme, do I get my money back?
What is the difference between Career Coaching and Career Guidance?
What makes OrientaEuro unique?
Do you have references of others who have taken the Career Coaching programmes?

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Career Coaching in Brussels – is there a Coach for everything in Brussels?


There are many career coaching services offered in Brussels. In fact, in my opinion, there is a surplus of “career coaching in Brussels”, which negatively affects our profession and more seriously, hundreds of thousands of young people and adults.

In Brussels you can see the word ‘Coach’ applied to any activity you could imagine: not only career coaches, but a wide range that covers everything from ‘bicycle coach’ to ‘food coach’. And what about ‘shopping coaching’? I’m not joking, all this exists and is promoted!