Have you received the email below from VDAB/Edenred refusing to grant you the loopbaancheques
(career cheques)?


Don’t worry. This is, most probably, due to the fact that you are in one of the following situations:

– You are not working for a Belgian company or organisation,
– You are working for European or international institutions,
– You are in a notice period,
– You are on maternity/ paternity/ sick leave.

You still have the right to receive the loopbaancheque, you just need to provide the Flemish Government with credible evidence that you are employed. You have a maximum of 2 weeks to reply to VDAB.

How to proceed?



Scan your last month’s payslip, your employment contract, and your Belgian ID/residence card.

If you do not have your employment contract to hand, you can replace it with the payslip from 12 months ago.



Send the following template email in Dutch (English translation available to the right) to lb.cheque@vdab.be making sure you attach the three documents mentioned above.

Email subject: Loopbaancheque

Beste VDAB,

Ik heb een aanvraag gedaan voor een loopbaancheque maar die is helaas geweigerd.

Na het controleren van uw vereisten zou ik willen bevestigen dat:
– Ik op dit moment werkend ben,
– Ik in de laatste 18 maanden minstens 12 maanden gewerkt heb,
– Ik geen aanvraag heb gedaan naar een loopbaancheque in de laatste 6 jaar,
– Ik woon in Vlaanderen of in Brussel.

Bijgevoegd vindt u mijn bewijzen.

Graag ontvang ik van u de betalingsgegevens om de procedure voort te zetten.

[your name]

Email subject: Loopbaancheque

Dear VDAB,

I have applied for a VDAB loopbaancheque which, unfortunately, I have been refused.

After checking your requirements, I would like to confirm that:
– I am currently professionally active,
– I have worked for at least 12 of the past 18 months,
– I have not applied for loopbaancheques in the past 6 years,
– I live in Flanders or in Brussels.

Please find attached a scanned copy of my documents .

I look forward to receiving the payment details from you to proceed,

[your name]


Within a couple of days, you should receive a reply requesting that you pay €40 (VAT included) for the first 4 hours of the career coaching. Please note that it’s possible that the email will end up in the Spam folder, so please check there if it seems that you have not received it. The email is sent by Edenred (vdab@vdab.ve.edenred.info). Once the payment is made, click here for instructions on how to proceed.


Should you run into any unexpected issues, please do not hesitate to contact OrientaEuro, and we will do our best to assist you via info@orientaeuro.eu or 02/808.72.71.


OrientaEuro bvba/sprl is a social enterprise based in Belgium, dedicated to providing high-quality personalised solutions for lifelong professional and personal well-being: training, consultancy, career guidance for students, career coaching for adults, entrepreneurs coaching and retirement coaching.

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Our quality management system is certified by the Belgian Quality Association.

We are mandated by the Flemish Government as a certified career center accepting the loopbaancheques.

We are a service provider in the framework of KMO-Portefeuille allowing small and medium enterprises to benefit from governmental subsidies for our training activities.