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Personalised Career Guidance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How will it help me?
What will I get from this experience?
Who is this for?
I don’t want to start a new degree but I’m still lost in my career choice. Is this for me?
What age is Career Guidance open to?
I know what I want to study. Should I still have Personalised Career Guidance?
I don’t know where to study. Can you help me?
Is Personalised Career Guidance a psychological/ therapeutic process?
Does it mean that I have problems if I need this process and can’t make this decision by my own?
What is the best time/age to do it?
I failed my first year of University. I’m not sure if I’m studying the right thing. Can you help?
Is it a bad idea to change my degree at this stage of my studies?
Would I be throwing away all those years of studying something else?
Am I not too old for this? Is it not too late to start studying?
I’m unsure whether doing a master's degree is for me. What should I do?
Will the Personalised Career Guidance tell me what job I should be in?
I’m not ‘made’ for higher education. Is this process still relevant to me?
How long does the programme last?
Is there homework?
What languages do you offer the programmes in?
What happens if I don’t live near one of your counsellors/coaches?
What skills do I need?
As a parent/guardian, how can I be sure that this will be a good investment?
As the child’s parent/guardian, could I sit in on the sessions?
Where can I find more information about OrientaEuro?
What is the difference between Career Coaching and Career Guidance?
What makes OrientaEuro unique?
Who are the counsellors and how experienced are they?
Why does it cost what it does?
Do you have references of others who have taken the Personalised Career Guidance?

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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