We have one goal – to help our clients to achieve sustainable professional well-being. Consequently, we assess and analyse the concrete impact that our coaching has had on each one of our clients and their overall satisfaction level. We have met or exceeded expectations in 99.3% of all cases and 100% of our clients have improved in one or more key aspects.


The data used to generate these statistics comes from the evaluations which our clients filled in after completing their coaching programme. It is regularly updated to reflect the most recent 18 month period.



If you like words more than numbers, here is what our clients have to say about their coaching with OrientaEuro:

Personalised Career Coaching

As we help clients who speak many different languages, some videos might not be in English. If that is the case, please don’t hesitate to turn on the subtitles!

They made me more aware of my strengths, weaknesses and my overall situation. They also gave me some great ideas for my CV.

Veronika Reichboth Watch the video »PLAY Video

At the end of the day, the answers are inside, but sometimes you’re not asking yourself the right questions. At OrientaEuro they ask the right questions, open up more options and help you to take action and to stop postponing. I think it’s for everybody.

Pieter Laenen Watch the video »PLAY Video

I was stuck doing something I’d decided on when I was 19 years old and I was not happy. Career coaching made me realise my full potential and what I really want to do.

Alexandra De Kock Dolezelova Watch the video »PLAY Video

Thanks to OrientaEuro’s coaching I was able to focus my job search much better by establishing my own, clear choice criteria.

Jean-Marc Nilles Watch the video »PLAY Video

If you’re looking for the next step in your professional career, contacting and working with an OrientaEuro coach is definitely something that will help you take action and use your passion and energy in a meaningful way.

Charline Desmecht (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

It’s really important to wake up and feel as though you’re connected to what you want to do in life.

Laurence Degraeve (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

In order the help clients take an informed decision, we have to clearly identify their choice criteria, their values and the elements that they have to find in their job.

Lea-Valérie Leeckhout (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

The clients are really motivated to discover new skills they didn’t know they had, as well as to find a new path and new options they hadn’t thought of before.

Axelle Lenglez (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video


I’d recommend OrientaEuro’s career coaching to most of my colleagues, especially younger ones still early in their career, deciding which direction to take. It taught me how to externalise my preferences in terms of jobs and interests, which will probably allow me in the future to better focus my job search in certain directions.

Morten Clausen


As a foreigner living in Brussels, I would recommend OrientaEuro’s career coaching for the valuable inputs I received. Sometimes living and working as expat in not easy and thanks to the insights and the tools received by the coach, I can definitely say that, now, I have clearer ideas on my professional future.

Cristiana Branchini


I wanted some support with organising and defining my job search. My coach was attentive to my needs and was able to adapt our sessions in order to respond to them in the best way possible. I really appreciated the contact that we had and the extremely collaborative relationship that we developed. I would recommend the coaching at OrientaEuro to anyone who would like to take stock of their professional situation by being supported in a structured manner.

Olivia Antonello


The coaching at OrientaEuro has really helped me to understand my skills and my attributes. My coach discovered what my fears were, and worked with me on my plans as if they were his own. He was very involved and helped me to see that there are other solutions, other areas to work in.

Sylvie Mejblum


So many people are lost, doing things without conviction (as I did for many years, and I’m still doing it in my job) that having OrientaEuro’s career coaching is like opening our eyes on our present life and asking to ourselves: who am I? what am I doing with my life…?

Gustavo Amorin


I really enjoyed OrientaEuro’s career coaching, as it gave me tools that systematically aligned my values, skills, and goals into possible career options. I had all these things in my head before, but I had not been able to put them together like this! The sessions helped me see other possibilities for jobs that I had not considered before. Things I was not aware that maybe I would like to do.

Alexandria Williams


I would recommend the coaching at OrientaEuro to anyone who is questioning their professional future and is finding it difficult to take the plunge and explore new horizons. When I went to my first session, I already had some ideas and some areas that I wanted to reflect on, but I also had a lot of doubts. The 8 hours of coaching allowed me to sort through the cacophony that this type of questioning can lead to. My coach helped me to imagine my future and better understand the balance that I wanted in my life. She also helped me to identify certain obstacles and gave me some tools to channel my energies better in order to reach my objectives. The result: I just feel better and I feel like I know exactly where I’m going.

Beverly Bernard


Thanks to the coaching at OrientaEuro, I was able to learn a method for searching out the relevant information based on my personality and skills. In addition, I found the contact with my coach enjoyable and motivating.



I’m really pleased with the coaching programme at OrientaEuro. My coach assessed my needs and expectations very well, and was able to respond to them in a way that was beyond my hopes. Many thanks!



The coaching at OrientaEuro provided me with a space to reflect and it allowed me to put into perspective the particular situations that I find myself confronted with during my busy professional life. Consequently, I was able to take some decisions and give my career some direction through analysing all of the issues. In addition, my coach gave me guidance which was very targeted due to the fact that she has worked in the same profession as me. I have already recommended the coaching at OrientaEuro to others, and I will certainly continue to recommend it.

Florence Brassart


The coaching at OrientaEuro was a helpful and enriching experience. What surprised me the most was that I realised things which, in the end, were obvious, but I hadn’t been able to see before. The coaching was a great way to guide my reflexion and analyse my professional situation in a methodic and more objective way.

Elena Sajina


Thanks to the coaching at OrientaEuro, I discovered that I have the power within me to make my dreams come true, to take care of myself, and to make my life be what I want it to be, by trusting in myself. I have also learned that I don’t have to feel responsible for my burnout, and that I am capable of changing and evolving. I would recommend OrientaEuro to any of my friends who are currently questioning their professional situation and have put their dreams aside.

Marie-Françoise Maes


I would recommend OrientaEuro’s coaching to improve self-awareness and to get practical tips and methodology on how to properly prepare for an interview.

Rossella Guzzo Foliaro

Caroline Maton

I would recommend OrientaEuro to anyone who would like to take stock of their career and reflect on what kind of training and development they need to undertake. The methods and exercises employed by the coach are very revealing and highlight the most important aspects of your personality, your skills, and your aspirations, whilst ensuring that the outcome is as actionable as possible, that is to say, they give you what you need to reach your goal. I liked the fact that for the coach, no option is ridiculous if it’s really what you want to do, and that if you have too many options, the coach uses an exercise to help you make a decision. Overall, the coaching at OrientaEuro is quite comprehensive and takes into account all of the details which are necessary to guide you better: everything was very constructive; the exercises as much as the guidance of the coach.

Caroline Maton


I would recommend OrientaEuro to anyone who is looking at rethinking their career or who could benefit from developing their professional network. The coaching experience allowed me to visualise better and to set up the organisation of my diary.

Katherine Camara


My experience with OrientaEuro was beyond reproach. I experimented, I discovered my true path and how I can reach my goal. I have already recommended to my friends and family that they should give OrientaEuro a call, because it’s a great way to find your own path.

Cristina Sulica


The experience has been good to better explore my potential and find a way to implement it. I received some practical advices and tools that can help in my future interviews and job, as well as good advices on how to manage stress and keep building self-confidence and strengths. I would recommend OrientaEuro’s coaching to colleagues and friends who would like to change job or find new opportunities outside their current career/position.

Lorenzo Fiumalbi


This was a massive wake up call. It was difficult and gratifying at the same time. Difficult because it stirs up a lot of things; emotions, and coming face to face with ambitions that you’ve abandoned along the way. “To see” you have “not seen” that you’ve drifted away from yourself over time, it’s painful for your ego. But to realise that the coach has succeeded, in such a small space of time, to help us understand what we’ve unfortunately left aside, it renews you. I’m not saying it’s easy once the coaching has finished, but it does give you back an immense energy.

Olivia Koentges


I decided to try coaching in a difficult moment in my career and I wanted to understand what other kind of jobs I could do. During the 4 sessions with my coach we did a lot more, thanks to his challenges I boosted my self confidence, helped me preparing job interviews, I understood that it’s good to trust my instinct and always think in a positive way. I recommend coaching to all the people that are facing work challenges or just want a change in their professional life. Speaking with someone who is there to listen and ask you the right questions really helps more that 1000 chats with friends. It’s a totally different kind of support.

Sara Magnabosco


My experience with OrientaEuro has been excellent. One can clearly see they are absolute professionals. Very good tips and advice on how to apply for a job in Belgium. My coach was a very smart, motivated and helpful professional. Just thank you a lot, you did a wonderful job.

David Oliva Uribe

Laura Sullivan

OrientaEuro gave me very practical support to deal with leadership and management related dilemmas that are occupying a lot of my time and head space. They pushed me to see that it wasn’t just my organisation that has objectives and development needs; I do too! My coach also gave me some really simple and creative tools to help me think about my next steps. This turned out to be extremely useful as a major restructure was announced in my organisation 6 months after I had the coaching!
I have been recommending OrientaEuro’s coaching to people for the last year, since I had the coaching, and I will continue to do so!

Laura Sullivan


I received the support of a coach who listened attentively and understood my expectations. I benefitted from their expertise through specialist professional tools, which helped me to see more clearly and move forward in my career development. My coach was able to adapt the programme based on my personal and specific needs at that time. I would recommend the coaching at OrientaEuro to my colleagues and family who are thinking about changing career and don’t know how to go about it. The coaching was really enjoyable and has even surpassed my expectations.

Colette Mennekens

Simon Van Dorpe

OrientaEuro helped me to define exactly what direction I wanted to take by combining my aspirations and my skills. They also helped me to take action to achieve those goals. Thanks! I am recommending OrientaEuro to everybody.

Simon Van Dorpe


My coach was very kind. She helped and supported me through all my decisions and was very invested in my plans to improve my professional situation. I would recommend the coaching at OrientaEuro because it really helped me to determine the future course of my career. It’s a great way to develop yourself and I would recommend it to everyone.

Luna Kidjo

Vicky Martinez Dorr

OrientaEuro’s coaching gave me the final push I needed to make my project happen, and If I had to summarise it in three main benefits, those were: a very straightforward reality check filled with professionalism, a touch of encouragement, and a different business perspective.

Vicky Martinez Dorr


Attentive listeners, respect for people, high quality guidance, patience, competence. It’s all within a framework that makes you want to confide in your coach and stay to learn more about yourself.

Caroline Fobe


It helped me to start structuring my ideas. Emerging from my experience and the reasons for which I sought career coaching, I would definitely recommend OrientaEuro for their method to anyone who needs to put some clarity over their thoughts about themselves, their capacities and resources and their opportunities.

Roxana Boar


OrientaEuro respond to messages very quickly. The questionnaire that they ask you to fill in before the coaching begins is interesting because it allows them to select the coach which is best suited to you. As a result, the coach corresponded perfectly to my expectations in terms of their personality, their experience, and their location.

Véronique Delbart

career coaching client

I had a crazy idea, and I was maybe expecting someone to bring me back down to earth. Instead I met a coach who believed in me, gave me reflection paths and tools to help me build my wings to fly​.

Ronak Ahmadloo


Thanks to OrientaEuro, and my very human and professional coach, I could take stock of my expectations and what really suits me professionally. I was able to identify concrete ways of moving towards a new future, and I regained a lot of motivation. I’d really recommend the coaching to anyone who is questioning their professional well-being.

July Van Wetter


OrientaEuro was a big help whilst I was in an unusual situation. But most of all, my coach was (and still is) extraordinary. A listener and a motivator at the same time, she allowed me to take stock of my career. I’ll probably feel the positive effects of the coaching for many years.

Vincent Laborderie


I believe that every professional should reflect on their place in the professional world. Coaching is a great help to do it.

Lucia Bayer Bezakova


I would recommend this coaching programme for anyone who is looking for a new career path! It was a great experience, both from a professional and a personal point of view!

Fabien Carolillo


I’d recommend it to anyone who’s a bit lost in finding a new career and needs more self-awareness​. It’s a great experience, to discover things about yourself.

Borbala Hoffbauer


We are supposed to be happy and understand how precious life is. We do spend a lot of our time at work, that can even give or take energy from us. If something needs to change, then the career coaching process can be a very good solution to have someone with experience and with a look from the ‘outside’, helping us identifying what can be changed and which are our best tools for that.

Zelino Modesto Rocha


I think that everyone should do this type of coaching at least once in their life. It really helps you to get to know yourself better, and to evaluate the steps that still need to be implemented to achieve your goals more effectively.

Julie Leroy


This coaching helps you get your thoughts organised to achieve your career goals​. It helps you develop a simple plan to go from point A to point B, something that sometimes is not as clear as it seems. Working with my coach was an amazing journey​.

Sebastian Guerrero


The coaching has helped me to understand what is important to me professionally, to have confidence in myself and not to be hasty with my career change.

Isabelle Roccia

Valérie Swierczynski

I should say that I was skeptical before starting the coaching but it was a great experience and now I have a roadmap to manage my future career.

Valérie Swierczynski


I highly recommend OrientaEuro. I had such a positive experience with my coach. Coaching is a unique experience: you get out of it what you put in, so put in everything you have to give. You may have a specific problem or challenge that you are facing at work. Your coach will help you find a solution if you are honest with your coach. You don’t need to have a problem to benefit from OrientaEuro’s program: my coach helped me develop a new goal. I wish I had more than 4 sessions because every session made me feel great.

Mark Carlson


OrientaEuro gives a great support, helping you understand who you are, what you are good at and how to focus efforts and passion to get the most out of your (professional) life​.

Guilherme Serodio


OrientaEuro’s coaching is very well structured. I have now plenty of new ideas, I am glad I did it!

Allegra Roccato


The coaching at OrientaEuro was a great experience thanks to the accessibility and kindness of my coach. The methodology used is interesting. It allowed me to clarify my aspirations and it helped me to get into action.



I would recommend the coaching programme at OrientaEuro to anyone who wants to make a change. The first step is to contact them. They will accompany you, without doing all the work for you, in researching and discovering yourself and your professional potential. It really opens your eyes.

Anne-Sophie Caprasse


OrientaEuro’s coaching helped me identifying my strengths and interests as well as the career options to fulfill them.

Elisa Bongiovanni


In my case, it wasn’t really to think about my career now (I’m 57 and in employment), but rather to give me faith in the future, and to think about how to structure my retirement, which is in 5 years. My coach really listened to me and pushed me to reflect on my situation whilst remaining neutral. She was able to be flexible.



My career coaching with OrientaEuro went very well. The organisation is very professional and attentive to your needs.

Julien P.


OrientaEuro’s coaching was a great opportunity to step back and evaluate my current position and where I want to go. It was eye-opening. I really liked the methodology – starting with looking more broader at skills etc. and then focusing down to get concrete results. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to step back from what they are currently doing to analyse if it is still what they want to do.



The coaching at OrientaEuro was an enjoyable experience. I discovered new ideas, and answers to my questions. I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation as me.

Julien H.


The coaching at OrientaEuro was a welcoming, motivating, and contemplative experience. Everything was clear, and I have finished with a desire to move forward!



This was a very constructive experience which has allowed me to create a genuine career change plan. I really appreciated the extremely positive approach of my coach, who was able to highlight my qualities and skills. She was also able to challenge me and to ask useful questions so that I could examine the potential obstacles which might be put in my way and find appropriate solutions. You leave each coaching session with the courage and the confidence which is necessary to succeed. For all of these reasons, I would recommend the coaching programme at OrientaEuro to anyone who, like me, wants to move into another professional field, but doesn’t know how to do it.



The coaching at OrientaEuro was an opportunity to reflect on my situation, to work on getting to know myself better, to get a boost for my job search and to gain self confidence in order to find a position which suits me better. I have received valuable guidance and tools to help with job searching. I would recommend the Coaching from OrientaEuro to anyone that could benefit from it; which is anyone who is concerned about their career or their training and development needs.



OrientaEuro has helped me to stop my daily speedy professional life and to find out what fulfils me as type of work. It is essential to have someone external to guide you through this awareness process.



The programme has allowed me to structure my reflection better, lay out what I can do and identify my values better.



I wish I would have known about OrientaEuro earlier. Good to have this kind of coaching at different stages of your professional career to take stock and avoid further procrastination. I have already recommended it to a friend and she just signed !



Excellent service, professional coaching and constant support whenever needed.



I liked the professionalism of OrientaEuro, in terms of the organisation, the administrative assistance, and above all, the quality of the coach who was assigned to me and how suited they were to my personality, my needs. Everything was really close to where I lived. Well done!



The coaching made my job searching easier (To select the offers which suited me better). It also enabled me to regain confidence in myself and to highlight my skills. I think that the programme would be interesting for anyone who is changing career. My coach quickly identified the areas where I needed to improve. The experience was very rewarding.



Not only did I receive all the support and advice​ I anticipated, but the coaching even surpassed my expectations in challenging me beyond what I had expected​. I would absolutely recommend the coaching to anyone and without any hesitation. You must, however, be willing to revisit what you think you know, and approach the process with an open and humble mindset.



The coaching at OrientaEuro pushes you to get to know yourself better and aims to define which criteria/values are important in your eyes in order to help you make decisions; whether that’s in searching for jobs or in your private life. The purpose of the coaching is not strictly speaking to find you a job, but it will help you to reflect on the type of position which could allow you to blossom in a way where you can succeed at reaching your goal.



I think it’s very important to do coaching, everybody needs a moment like this to reflect on their professional life. This coaching has given me guidance​ and tools​ to identify and be clear on the criteria​ and values​ I need to find in a job in order to feel satisfied​.



The coaching helped me to find, through structured and clear steps, actions that I would like to do as my job and realised values and indicators, that are key of my happiness and balance while working. This sessions allowed me to bring some dreams into real professional path or created unexpected connection of getting into field of interests through supportive functions. Although the change will take some time, having the concrete action plan gives me direction, concentracion on important, motivation in life, inner peace and toughness. I would recomended it to everyone, who feels stucked in career path that they don’t like any more and who is not in balance with current life. Or anyone, who needs new boost, challenge or making their dreams a profession – the coaching is not a miracle but good structured way of self-reflection and time to stop and do something for yourself. Everyone can make change – it will pay back – for us and our surrounding as well.



The coaching at OrientaEuro is extremely rewarding and is tailored to my expectations: their service has really responded to my needs exactly when I needed them to. My coach really listened to my concerns and provided me with the necessary tools.



I had a very positive experience, great insights during and after sessions. The right questions made me reflect on many points and ideas I had. I got to know better my own strengths. I also got a very practical idea what I could do next. Of course, I feel scared because I would prefer an easier way without leaving my comfort zone but my dreams may never happen if I only keep dreaming and not implement practical solutions and ideas. It was a “wake-up call”. I knew that but did not fully realise or even acknowledge it to myself. I’m very grateful to my coach.
I have already recommended the coaching with OrientaEuro to my friends. I would advise it to everyone who is at the crossroad of changing jobs / wants to follow their passion and does not dare / does not fully understand their own strengths and how to apply to them / wants to be happier at their job.



Thanks to OrientaEuro’s coaching, I learned so much about myself and I checked all the options before taking the decision. Even though I knew what I wanted from the beginning, I feel at peace because I gave the opportunity to all other options. Eventually, they did not fulfill my expectations but I feel more confident with my decision now. It was all very quick, efficient and professional. All my problems were solved in no time. My coach is truly a really nice person and I enjoyed every moment of the coaching. I think everyone should do it, if nothing, to at least learn about themselves. I would recommend it especially to the teens who are about to start the university.



The coaching was a great exercise in professional assessment and looking at my situation objectively. It helped me to build self-confidence, to reexamine my choices and to reinforce certain decisions. I’d recommend that everyone tries this exercise.



The opportunity to see my situation from another point of view highlighted my strengths​ and really boosted my morale​, and above all, I was able to finally move on​. I’d recommend it to anyone who questions their role in the world of work.



Very quick, flexible service which responded exactly to my needs. Good practical tips on interview techniques​. The approach was good and the use of a video recording helped to focus the discussion.



I would definitely recommend coaching session with OrientaEuro, as you can try coaching for a very good price, you can choose the location of sessions and all admin aspects were super fast and easy. Everything was very well explained (how to sign up for coaching etc.) Overall extremely positive experience.



A super experience with a super coach. I’d strongly recommend trying career coaching, because it’s really useful and I’ve had directly measurable results.



It helped me understand who I am, what I am looking for through my work​, and to develop a vision​ of where I want to go.



I particularly liked the self-reflection part, which helped me identifying my values/needs/criteria.


Personalised Career Guidance

As we help clients who speak many different languages, some videos might not be in English. If that is the case, please don’t hesitate to turn on the subtitles!

It’s very common to have doubts and to feel lost while choosing your studies. The career guidance process really helps with this and improving self-confidence so I would recommend it to everybody.

Sophie   Watch the video »PLAY Video

She has acquired the necessary tools to make decisions, to understand who she is, who she could be and who she wants to be.

Sara (mother)   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I was completely lost and it did me good. I learnt to get to know myself better, to figure out what I wanted to do and in what direction I wanted to go for my studies.

Sarah   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I had no idea what I should study and thanks to the career guidance I finally found my career. I felt really understood by the coach and enjoyed the process.

Axel   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I wanted to determine whether medicine was the right career for me and I found a career that suits me more.

Aldana   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I was already studying but I quit because it wasn’t right for me. With the career guidance, I’ve not only reoriented but also discovered parts of myself that I ignored. I enjoyed the sessions right from the start and felt very comfortable.

Matias   Watch the video »PLAY Video

What I really liked from OrientaEuro’s Personalised Career Guidance was that she chose the criteria herself and now she knows why she made that choice. That’s very important. We have to ‘raise awareness’ earlier amongst youths by saying: “We’ll follow you – this is not our choice, but we’ll help you do it.”

Laurent (father)   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I recovered my self-confidence. I recovered my faith. I feel more secure and more comfortable.

Fernando   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I recommend OrientaEuro’s Personalised Career Guidance because it allows you to discover your passions and your personal profile – you can realise things you never thought about before.

Pablo   Watch the video »PLAY Video

OrientaEuro bvba/sprl is a social enterprise based in Belgium, dedicated to providing high-quality personalised solutions for lifelong professional and personal well-being: training, consultancy, career guidance for students, career coaching for adults, entrepreneurs coaching and retirement coaching.

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