A step by step guide on how to get the Loopbaancheques for your Personalised Career Coaching with OrientaEuro: 

Step 1: Registration
Step 2: Order your first loopbaancheque
Step 3: Verification and payment information
Step 4: Receiving your loopbaancheque
Step 5: Pre-questionnaire for your coaching
Step 6: Coach selection and scheduling

Step 1: Registration

You have to register on the VDAB’s website:  https://www.vdab.be/mijnloopbaan
Click on “Registeer je nu” (in EN: “Register yourself now”).



It will take you to the Registration form.

Fill in all the required details. The boxes marked with a * are mandatory.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that “Rijksregisternummer” is your Belgian National ID number. If you are living in Belgium you HAVE been given a National ID number, even if you do not know it. Do NOT click on the “Ik heb geen rijksregisternummer” option as it will take you down a different path that will not allow you to order your loopbaancheque. If you do not know your Belgian National ID number, please click here to find it before continuing the process.

Scroll down to find English translations of the registration form fields, if needed:


Geslacht (Mannelijk/Vrouwelijk):
Officieel adres:
Postcode en gemeente:
Contact gegevens:
Herhaal paswoord:
Personal details:
Belgian National Number:   (Where to find your Belgian National Number?)
First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Sex (Male/Female):
Official address:
Post code and Town:
House number:
Contact details:
Mobile number:
Log-in details:
Password (8 to 25 characters, and must contain at least 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number):
Re-type Password:


You will also find a question asking whether or not you want to subscribe to VDAB as a job seeker.
You should select the negative sentence:

Nee, ik wil mij enkel registreren voor Mijn loopbaan om opleidings- of loopbaancheques te bestellen te solliciteren naar jobs zonder de hulp van VDAB

(in EN: “No, I only want to register to order educational or career coaching vouchers to apply for jobs without the help of VDAB.”)

Then click on “volgende” (in EN: “next”).


You will then be required to provide information regarding your education and language skills, followed by a privacy clause which you will have to check and click “confirm” before your file is ready and created.

(1.1)  Select your level of studies (the list is created from the most basic education level to the highest one), and the year in which the diploma was granted (in NL: “Diploma behaald in”)

Then click on “volgende” (in EN: “next”).


For example:


(1.2) Select your language skills.

Zeer goed” (in EN: “Very good”), “Goed” (in EN: “Good”), “Beperkte kennis” (in EN: “limited knowledge”)
Then click on “volgende” (in EN: “next”).


(1.3) You have to approve and confirm the privacy policy below:

If you register to order educational or career coaching vouchers, we will only use your information to verify that you meet the conditions for entitlement of such vouchers and to verify that the vouchers are used for the purpose for which they are issued. We will not share your information with any other organisation.
If you register to apply without the help of the VDAB we will only provide a platform through which you can apply. You can also choose to publish your CV. In addition, you can decide to share your information with employers, employment agencies, recruitment offices, job sites, etc…
We process your data in accordance with the Privacy law of 1992*.
You can view and modify these details at any time. For any questions you can call 0800 30 700 (weekdays from 8a.m. to 7p.m.).
Name and address of the controller: VDAB, Keizerslaan 11, 1000 Brussels.
You can get more information about the Privacy law of 1992  at www.privacycommission.be/nl.
* Law on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data of December 8th, 1992.”

Then click on “Bevestig” (in EN: “Confirm”).


(1.4) Your registration to the VDAB website is finished and ready.

You are now registered and can take advantage of the many opportunities that “My career” offers:

– Receive Daily Jobs Offers,
– Create and Publish your CV,
– Apply Online,
– Order Education Vouchers,
– Online Training,
– Competencies Analysis.

Please note: you are not registered as a jobseeker at VDAB. Should you still like to register as a jobseeker, go to the homepage of “My career” and adapt your work situation accordingly.”

Click on “Ga naar de startpagina van Mijn loopbaan” (in EN: “Go to the homepage of My career.)



Step 2: Order your first loopbaancheque

Click on “Bestel loopbaancheques” (in EN: “order career coaching vouchers“)


Click on the checkbox:
ik ben akkoord met onderstaande voorwaarden” (in EN: “I agree to the following terms.“)

I order a career coaching voucher worth 550EUR and pay only 40EUR.
The career coaching voucher can only be used for career coaching with a recognized career centre. This list can be consulted on the website of VDAB. You can follow one set of 4 hours of career coaching with this voucher at a career centre of your choice. For more hours of career coaching you can request a second career coaching voucher after the first packet is finished. You have the right to two packages of 4 hours each of career coaching every 6 years.

Then click on “bestel loopbaancheques” (in EN: “order career coaching vouchers“).


You will get a screen with the confirmation of your order.


Step 3: Verification and payment information

VDAB has up to 2 weeks to verify your data and eligibility for the vouchers. Normally VDAB is quicker than 2 weeks though. Within those 2 weeks you will get an Edenred invitation (by email) to pay 40EUR for the career coaching voucher (which you can do by bank transfer). Edenred is the company that issues the career coaching vouchers. The email will come from the following email address: vdab@vdab.be.edenred.info
Remember to check your spam folder, just in case.


Step 4: Receiving your loopbaancheque

Within 1-3 days off your payment for the vouchers (usually by bank transfer) you should receive via email the career coaching voucher with your name, address, client number and voucher number. This mail is confirmation that you meet the conditions for career coaching and that you have paid.
Beware: the voucher will expire after three months.


Step 5: Pre-questionnaire for your coaching

Once you have received the email with the loopbaancheque from VDAB/Edenred, please provide us with your voucher number, client number, phone number, and preferred locations, along with some other crucial feedback  that we need to best meet your coaching expectations following this link.

Please, do not complete the questionnaire before having received your loopbaancheque. Otherwise, once you receive it you will need to fill it again, as the information is not stored unless a valid loopbaancheque and client number is provided.


Step 6: Coach selection and scheduling

Based on your pre-questionnaire (step 5), we will “match” you with your coach, who will call you right away to establish the dates and times for the sessions.


Should you run into any unexpected situation, please do not hesitate to contact OrientaEuro Belgium, and we will do our best to assist you via info@orientaeuro.eu or 02/808.72.71.


OrientaEuro bvba/sprl is a social enterprise based in Belgium, dedicated to providing high-quality personalised solutions for lifelong professional and personal well-being: training, consultancy, career guidance for students, career coaching for adults, entrepreneurs coaching and retirement coaching.

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Our quality management system is certified by the Belgian Quality Association.

We are mandated by the Flemish Government as a certified career center accepting the loopbaancheques.

We are a service provider in the framework of KMO-Portefeuille allowing small and medium enterprises to benefit from governmental subsidies for our training activities.