Testimonial – Career Coaching – Olivia Antonello


I wanted some support with organising and defining my job search. My coach was attentive to my needs and was able to adapt our sessions in order to respond to them in the best way possible. I really appreciated the contact that we had and the extremely collaborative relationship that we developed. I would recommend the coaching at OrientaEuro to anyone who would like to take stock of their professional situation by being supported in a structured manner.

Olivia Antonello

Testimonial – Career Coaching – Alexandria Williams


I really enjoyed OrientaEuro’s career coaching, as it gave me tools that systematically aligned my values, skills, and goals into possible career options. I had all these things in my head before, but I had not been able to put them together like this! The sessions helped me see other possibilities for jobs that I had not considered before. Things I was not aware that maybe I would like to do.

Alexandria Williams

Testimonial – Career Coaching – Beverly Bernard


I would recommend the coaching at OrientaEuro to anyone who is questioning their professional future and is finding it difficult to take the plunge and explore new horizons. When I went to my first session, I already had some ideas and some areas that I wanted to reflect on, but I also had a lot of doubts. The 8 hours of coaching allowed me to sort through the cacophony that this type of questioning can lead to. My coach helped me to imagine my future and better understand the balance that I wanted in my life. She also helped me to identify certain obstacles and gave me some tools to channel my energies better in order to reach my objectives. The result: I just feel better and I feel like I know exactly where I’m going.

Beverly Bernard

Testimonial – Career Coaching – Florence Brassart


The coaching at OrientaEuro provided me with a space to reflect and it allowed me to put into perspective the particular situations that I find myself confronted with during my busy professional life. Consequently, I was able to take some decisions and give my career some direction through analysing all of the issues. In addition, my coach gave me guidance which was very targeted due to the fact that she has worked in the same profession as me. I have already recommended the coaching at OrientaEuro to others, and I will certainly continue to recommend it.

Florence Brassart

Testimonial – Career Coaching – Marie-Françoise Maes


Thanks to the coaching at OrientaEuro, I discovered that I have the power within me to make my dreams come true, to take care of myself, and to make my life be what I want it to be, by trusting in myself. I have also learned that I don’t have to feel responsible for my burnout, and that I am capable of changing and evolving. I would recommend OrientaEuro to any of my friends who are currently questioning their professional situation and have put their dreams aside.

Marie-Françoise Maes

Testimonial – Career Coaching – Caroline Maton

Caroline Maton

I would recommend OrientaEuro to anyone who would like to take stock of their career and reflect on what kind of training and development they need to undertake. The methods and exercises employed by the coach are very revealing and highlight the most important aspects of your personality, your skills, and your aspirations, whilst ensuring that the outcome is as actionable as possible, that is to say, they give you what you need to reach your goal. I liked the fact that for the coach, no option is ridiculous if it’s really what you want to do, and that if you have too many options, the coach uses an exercise to help you make a decision. Overall, the coaching at OrientaEuro is quite comprehensive and takes into account all of the details which are necessary to guide you better: everything was very constructive; the exercises as much as the guidance of the coach.

Caroline Maton