Being an essential or superfluous employee

My daughter cries when I leave for work. The fact that she is sad because of me makes me feel horribly guilty, but I also have to admit that I like knowing I’m important to her. Guilt versus ego. Of course I’d rather she didn’t feel that way and avoid the guilt, but I know that a few minutes later she will already feel comforted by a teddy bear and that it’s an obligatory, indispensable stage in the normal development of children, and that she will get over it. This stage starts around 10 months and lasts a few weeks.

This is a normal phase in our ‘job’ as a parent, and you shouldn’t question this situation. But our function as a parent could be detrimental if we make our children dependant on us for certain situations for which they don’t need us when they’re older.

And if at your other job, the one outside the house, you could choose, would you rather be essential?

To be Employed = To be Used?

6 minutes of an excellent animated short film. This is enough to ask us what we look for when seeking a job, how we regard other human beings, and how we want to live, in a powerful way.

There are no answers in this short film, only questions, but very often, questions are more than enough to kick start change. Undoubtedly, the change we are proposing to you is to go and live from your passions; to join the professional well-being revolution right now! >>

We invite you to watch it and leave us your comments:




This card fills us with pride


This end of the year card is different to the rest and fills us with pride because the artist who did it and sent it to us is Maria Laura Balian, to whom we will always feel attached: Thanks to the career coaching process we did with her, she came back to her real talents and dreams and managed to start abroad a new career path in the arts, her true passion.

This proof of talent and gratitude renews our energy to continue in 2014 helping more and more people to find or rediscover their inner motivations and talents and to make a living from their passion.