Invest for a better society

A unique opportunity with a great social impact
A program with a quick implementation
A flexible budget
Ideal for businesses, foundations and individual donors

Helping young people accurately choose their professional future has an exponential positive impact: every professional who makes a living from their talents and passions benefits not only from their own professional well-being but it actually also benefits those around them.

The scholarships you fund allow high school students to access an internationally recognised, unique Personalised Career Guidance service. It consists of individual work with one of our counsellors in 6 sessions of 90 minutes each, between which the young person completes some additional exercises. The process allows them to:
  • Know themselves well
  • Analyse the reality of the studies and professions that suit them
  • Boost their self-confidence and motivation
  • Make informed decisions

For more details on the Personalised Career Guidance process, click here.

A program with a huge “Return On Society”, ideal for:



A unique option for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, designed for children of employees, customers, your area of influence or the general public.Find out more »



A significant contribution to the mission of your foundation, through positive and measurable results in the short term and sustainable results in the long term.Find out more »



A smart investment with a guaranteed “Return On Society”. It Provides a positive and lasting legacy in your name or that of one of your loved ones.Find out more »

The unique advantages of our proposal:

  • Applicable to very different audiences: You decide the type or types of beneficiary:
    • Children of employees
    • Clients, who can apply according to your rules (competitions, applying via social networks, etc.)
    • Students of a school close by
    • The general public
  • Modular: Based on your budget you can decide on the desired number of beneficiaries.
  • Rapid implementation: As soon as you have made the decision, we can start the project immediately thanks to our team, our experience and the means at our disposal.
  • Reproduction: Following the results of the program you can repeat the experience again the same year or the next.
  • Positive, reliable, measurable, rapid and lasting impact: After a month and a half of orientation work, the young person finishes the preparation and decision making stage with a concrete choice and significantly increases their level of self-confidence, which is necessary for the implementation of their professional plan of action. An evaluation measures it and a report reflects it. We can also monitor the implementation of the plan for the first year. The young person will have also acquired a decision making methodology that will accompany them in making better future decisions.
  • Multiplier effect: Each well oriented person increases their professional and personal well-being and when they do their work responsibly, efficiently and passionately, they positively influence the society around them. This process therefore not only benefits the individual, but also has an impact on others around them.
  • High Visibility: The difficulty of choosing studies is a subject that is often covered by the Belgian press because 61% of students in their first year of university are failing (figures from the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels) and also because 73% of European workers are not satisfied with their work situation. They talk about us in the media. You too could benefit from this publicity:
  • Trends/Tendances  Metro  VivaCité  RTBF  Classic21  Femmes d'Aujourd'hui  +

Practical details:

Beneficiaries: school students from 15 years

Languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish

Location: Belgium

Quantity of beneficiaries: according to the budget you want to dedicate, with a minimum of 10 beneficiaries.

Cost per beneficiary: € 1,080 +vat

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OrientaEuro bvba/sprl is a social enterprise based in Belgium, dedicated to providing high-quality personalised solutions for lifelong professional and personal well-being: training, consultancy, career guidance for students, career coaching for adults, entrepreneurs coaching and retirement coaching.

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Our quality management system is certified by the Belgian Quality Association.

We are mandated by the Flemish Government as a certified career center.

We are a service provider in the framework of KMO-Portefeuille allowing small and medium enterprises to benefit from governmental subsidies for our training activities.