Career Coaching Testimonial: “Changing Career Path”

Alexandra De Kock Dolezelova, one of OrientaEuro’s clients, shares her personal experience with Career Coaching, and how it helped her re-think her professional situation and career path to get the best out of her career.

Alexandra first found out about Career Coaching from a blogger who published it on their website. She thought it was such a good idea, as in Alexandra’s opinion, “when dedicating your life to something, it  has to be something that you can get the most benefit from.”

Career Coaching helped Alexandra realise that if she changes her career path away from one she chose when she was 19 it doesn’t mean she has failed.  Also, that as long as you’re dedicated and motivated it doesn’t matter what you do.  The coaching process also encouraged Alexandra to realise what her professional passions were and what she should pursue.

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