Testimonial – Career Coaching – Marie-Françoise Maes


Thanks to the coaching at OrientaEuro, I discovered that I have the power within me to make my dreams come true, to take care of myself, and to make my life be what I want it to be, by trusting in myself. I have also learned that I don’t have to feel responsible for my burnout, and that I am capable of changing and evolving. I would recommend OrientaEuro to any of my friends who are currently questioning their professional situation and have put their dreams aside.

Marie-Françoise Maes

“What if we are not that different after all? Discover feelings of the world through our lens”. Ronak Ahmadloo, co-founder of YouKanRok.com

Ronak Ahmadloo

Ronak Ahmadloo was born in Iran shortly after the Islamic revolution and emigrated to Belgium at a young age with her family. Even though she always dreamed of creativity and travel, her family culture encouraged her to follow a traditional study and career path. Her life was good, but for years, she couldn’t recognise herself anymore in her corporate day job- until she was ready to do something about it. Luckily, her husband and she were on the same page on that matter.

12 keys to choosing the best career coach for you

Making the decision to improve your professional life through career coaching is only the first step. The big question now is, how do you choose the right career coach for you? You do not need to worry about this: OrientaEuro’s director will do the matching for you from among its 30 career coaches, based on a pre-questionnaire which you fill-in.
But, if you have no other choice than to tackle this decision by yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind and help you with your decision.

Testimonial – Career Coaching – C.V.


This was a very constructive experience which has allowed me to create a genuine career change plan. I really appreciated the extremely positive approach of my coach, who was able to highlight my qualities and skills. She was also able to challenge me and to ask useful questions so that I could examine the potential obstacles which might be put in my way and find appropriate solutions. You leave each coaching session with the courage and the confidence which is necessary to succeed. For all of these reasons, I would recommend the coaching programme at OrientaEuro to anyone who, like me, wants to move into another professional field, but doesn’t know how to do it.


Testimonial – Career Coaching – D.F.


The coaching at OrientaEuro was an opportunity to reflect on my situation, to work on getting to know myself better, to get a boost for my job search and to gain self confidence in order to find a position which suits me better. I have received valuable guidance and tools to help with job searching. I would recommend the Coaching from OrientaEuro to anyone that could benefit from it; which is anyone who is concerned about their career or their training and development needs.


“The change starts with me: Separating organisational goals from your own goals”. Laura Sullivan, Director for Europe and the Americas, ActionAid International

Laura SullivanLaura Sullivan is a passionate social activist with 15 years experience in NGOs and the EU institutions. She started working for ActionAid International ten years ago and she has been the Director for Europe and the Americas these last couple of years. She is about to leave her job soon, but she will stay on as Vice President to the Board of Concord, the Confederation of Development and Relief NGOs in Europe, acting as their main EU spokesperson.

Concretely, she specialises in campaigning and in rethinking NGO organisational strategies to effect change globally. Beyond that, she is a big fan of language and all things musical!

Testimonial – Career Coaching – Caroline Maton

Caroline Maton

I would recommend OrientaEuro to anyone who would like to take stock of their career and reflect on what kind of training and development they need to undertake. The methods and exercises employed by the coach are very revealing and highlight the most important aspects of your personality, your skills, and your aspirations, whilst ensuring that the outcome is as actionable as possible, that is to say, they give you what you need to reach your goal. I liked the fact that for the coach, no option is ridiculous if it’s really what you want to do, and that if you have too many options, the coach uses an exercise to help you make a decision. Overall, the coaching at OrientaEuro is quite comprehensive and takes into account all of the details which are necessary to guide you better: everything was very constructive; the exercises as much as the guidance of the coach.

Caroline Maton

“Become a better version of yourself”. Vicky Martinez Dorr, leader of “Making People Shine”

Vicky Martinez DorrVicky Martinez Dorr is the leader of a concept that aims to help people develop their inner talents and make them shine. “A fruitful merging of coaching + branding; bringing together a tangible mix of tools to help those who need to add assertiveness to their entrepreneurial ideas and consequently put them out into the real world.”

Vicky has a background in public relations in Buenos Aires, marketing & advertising in Brussels, and coaching with NLP & Time Line Therapy® in London. All of this is reflected in 13 years of work experience in corporate sales, marketing & communications around the world.

Stuck, frustrated and lacking in motivation were the words that most resonated with Vicky at the time when she created her own concept; a concept that encompasses guidance on self-assertiveness and creative branding (for people or businesses). It is especially useful for those who have decided to jump into the entrepreneur and freelancing world.

Testimonial – Career Coaching – Lorenzo Fiumalbi


The experience has been good to better explore my potential and find a way to implement it. I received some practical advices and tools that can help in my future interviews and job, as well as good advices on how to manage stress and keep building self-confidence and strengths. I would recommend OrientaEuro’s coaching to colleagues and friends who would like to change job or find new opportunities outside their current career/position.

Lorenzo Fiumalbi