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Erasmus programme: 7 steps for preparing your stay

Since 1987, over 3 million young people got the opportunity to go abroad and study thanks to the Erasmus programme.

If you would like to live this adventure yourself, you need to be well prepared and you should know what to think of before the big departure. Indeed, you cannot plan a trip abroad in a rush. Follow these few steps to make sure you won’t forget anything and all you’ll have to do next will be to enjoy yourself there.

Your first day on the job: do’s and don’ts

Comment réussir sa première journée de travail ?

Congratulations! You’ve just landed a job. However, what you feel now might be similar to what you used to feel as a kid before going back to school: you’re dreading your first day of work in your new office. You worry you’ll have to win the sympathy of your colleagues, deal with new tasks and satisfy your boss. Pay close attention to the details and everything will go smoothly.

Are social networks our best friends or our worst enemies?

We are all aware of the power of the internet and we also know that the digital content plays a central role in today’s society. This is the reason why all of us have integrated this tool in our everyday life.

As a matter of fact, we, as social networks addicts, web addicts in general, wake up sharing a #selfie, we eat a tweet-flavoured breakfast, we take the tube with our dear friend Instagram, we take “Facebook breaks”, we have lunch with Vine, we google just about anything and everything since “google is our best friend!” we fall asleep on Pinterest… We just consume all sorts of #hashtags all day long!