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You have a dream job if…

Have you ever asked yourself if you were truly happy to go to work? If the answer is no, then it may be time to look at your professional situation and think about solutions…

Approximately 75% of Europeans are not satisfied with their professional reality. Consequently, the majority of the active European population probably ask themselves why they are going to work every morning (apart from to earn money of course) and if their daily life has any meaning. When it comes to spending 8 hours doing tasks that aren’t suited to you, time can go very slowly. It would be much better to be a part of the 25% that have managed to get their dream job, and you have that dream job if…

4 myths about career coaching

It’s a well-known fact that preconceptions die hard and it’s often difficult to put our prejudices of certain subjects aside. Unfortunately these myths about career coaching are an unnecessary impediment to what could be a very defining experience for your professional well-being.

3 reasons to do your career coaching in English

In Belgium, a multilingual country with three official languages, it isn’t always easy to find your way around ; and even more so in Brussels where most career coaching companies or independent career coaches only provide their services in French or Dutch. For all those people who live with that bilingual situation on a daily basis, the issue of language is a constant preoccupation, particularly when your language is not one of the official ones. The career coaching process is no exception, so here are a few reasons why you should consider doing your career coaching in English: