Face-to-face Communication and Field Marketing internship

The need:
Some people that could benefit from our services for free or at a greatly reduced rate (because the public institutions representing them have appointed us to that end) do not know that this opportunity exists. They have a need fr our services, but as they are unaware of the grant they could have access to, they simply do not search for it. Therefore, we want to educate them about this opportunity in person and as well as online.


What this internship looks like:
Right from the start you will acquire a good understanding of our services and will receive very clear guidelines, goals and priorities. The nature of the tasks you will be asked to perform is very varied, interesting and in most cases totally open for your own proposals, so you will never get bored during this internship! (Unless Communication or Field Marketing are not your passions, in which case maybe you should not apply)


Main tasks:

  • Identify opportunities for clients’ engagement on a face-to-face level
  • Planning and implementing field marketing campaigns, which could include leafleting and interviewing people
  • Dialogue (neither selling nor unidirectional talking) so as to better understand our target groups’ situation
  • Evaluate effectiveness of field marketing efforts, and make adjustments
  • Use a variety of methods including interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups to identify areas that could benefit from more person-to-person contact, and how they can specifically benefit from it
  • Discover market perception of our services and make recommendations on promotional strategy
  • Assisting in the final preparation for marketing materials needed to support the field marketing efforts
  • Distil and communicate your findings in a clear and actionable way


Basic qualifications:

  • Passion for field marketing and face-to-face communication
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, determined
  • Unafraid of exposure and rejection
  • Willing and able to interact both formally and informally with the public face-to-face
  • Native English, Dutch or French speaker
  • Intermediate or advanced level of at least one of the other two languages
  • Undergraduate or graduate student in marketing, communications, sales related studies, business development or business administration
  • Creativity and ability to translate needs, desires and demands into effective plans and campaigns
  • Attention to detail
  • Sense of responsibility


Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in sales, promotion or other related face-to-face interaction tasks
  • Self-discipline and self-management
  • Initiative and entrepreneurial streak


How to apply:
Email your CV and Cover letter to internships@orientaeuro.eu clearly stating which specific internship you are applying for, from which date and for how long.


What to expect afterwards:
We will get back to you within two weeks from the moment of receipt of your CV and cover letter. If you meet the required qualifications and profile, we will send you a short evaluation task to assess your working style. If you succeed on that, you will be called for an interview (in-person or by Skype). If both parties agree that it would be mutually beneficial, we sign the agreement and the great journey begins!


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