Testimonial – Internship – Reinout Mertens


My internship at OrientaEuro was a unique opportunity to gain work experience in a welcoming environment. As a translator about to graduate, I jumped at the chance to translate in an actual professional business setting. The team at OrientaEuro was able to guide me throughout my internship while making me feel like a part of the team. At the same time I felt like I was making a real contribution to the company’s success. Now, after the internship, I believe I am more ready to advance in the work field and I have a better idea of where I want to go.

Reinout Mertens

Testimonial – Internship – Kate Hughes


During my time at OrientaEuro, I was consistently encouraged to take on new challenges which allowed me to develop my existing skills and discover new ones – for example, as well as translation tasks, I was responsible for project research and development in my native and target languages. It was greatly satisfying for me to work closely with the director and other interns on projects that directly contributed to a company which makes such a positive difference in many people’s lives. I received personal feedback after individual tasks and at the end of my internship which helped me to understand my strengths and potential for the future. My experience with the company not only gave me opportunities to grow in my professional life, but also in my personal life. Living and working in a new culture was a truly enriching experience and I would recommend it to any student seeking a fulfilling internship in the future.

Kate Hughes

Testimonial – Internship – Alison Grandville

During my internship, I put my skills into practise, developed new ones and even found myself a new passion! At OrientaEuro, you will be surrounded by people who truly love what they do and who will encourage you to do the same. The most valuable lesson that I learnt here is that my career is between my own hands and that I won’t have to wake up every single day wishing it was Friday. OrientaEuro helped me shift to a more positive mindset and I am now more motivated than ever to achieve my professional goals!

Alison Grandville

Testimonial – Internship – Marissa Hermann

As an intern at OrientaEuro, I was able to get firsthand experience about business development and marketing. As a constantly growing organisation, I felt that my hard work was truly appreciated. I was given the direction I needed, while being able to put my own thoughts and creativity into my work. I was never bored with the work I was doing –it was constantly changing, which is a great characteristic of any internship. I was able to work directly with the CEO, he guided me step by step about the direction and vision the company had. This internship provided me with a cultural learning experience, something most people don’t have the opportunity to do.

Marissa Hermann, NY, US

Testimonial – Internship – Britt Radema


My internship at OrientaEuro broadened my world view. Taking part in a new project on professional wellbeing, conducting research (in the field) and receiving a great amount of responsibility has served in my personal development. At the start you always receive a lot of information, but thanks to the close guidance of my dedicated manager(s) I understood the processes rather quickly by receiving immediate feedback. Moreover, the content of coaching’s have helped in understanding myself better – making me who I am today. The team consisted of very different and international people, who together made one team and created an incredible atmosphere. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to a growing organisation like this one!

Britt Radema

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