Coaching – the key to success in changing your career path

The world of work has changed significantly. Spending your entire career in the same company and performing the same tasks day after day is a thing of the past. Nowadays, your career path is much more likely to be subject to changes and reformation – and no business sector or level of management can escape this trend. Sometimes the only option is to overcome these obstacles by striving to adapt to keep your job. When this is the case, many people feel that they’re falling behind in their professional life. Professional retraining or a significant career change isn’t seen in a favourable light when it’s compulsory – however, it’s not as damning as it seems. You can take the initiative to take part in retraining and take the future of your career into your own hands to rediscover your professional well-being.

The secret to a successful career change

At some point or another, anyone can arrive at the decision to change career, either by choice or due to reasons outside their control. However, even if the details of this change aren’t quite clear yet, it can be the ideal opportunity to breathe new life into your career and reinvent yourself professionally. A career change requires motivation and organisation, as well as the ability to ask the right questions in order to become familiar with your aspirations and to be conscious of your talents and skills. It’s also necessary to not disregard certain steps that will be vital in your success in your new career.

A full Personalised Career Coaching programme for 1.330€ only 80€!
(funded by the government)

If you live in Brussels or Flanders, are currently working (in any city, region or country), and have worked for at least 12 of the past 18 months, you have the right to our full 8-hour Personalised Career Coaching process funded by the government, for a total of only 80€!. Valid for employees and those who are self-employed.


Votre programme complet de Coaching de Carrière Personnalisé d’une valeur de 1330 € pour seulement 80 € !(Financé par le gouvernement)

Si vous vivez à Bruxelles ou en Flandre, que vous occupez actuellement un emploi (peu importe la ville, la région ou le pays), et que vous avez travaillé au moins 12 des 18 derniers mois, alors vous avez le droit de bénéficier de notre programme de Coaching de Carrière Personnalisé de 8 heures, financé par le gouvernement.

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Een volledig programma van Gepersonaliseerde Loopbaanbegeleiding voor 1.330€ slechts 80€!
(door de overheid gefinancierde)

Elke inwoner van Vlaanderen of Brussel heeft recht op onze volledige 8 uur, door de overheid gefinancierde, Gepersonaliseerde Loopbaanbegeleiding als u aan de volgende voorwaarden voldoet: momenteel werkt u (in eender welke regio of land) én in de laatste 18 maanden hebt u minstens 12 maanden gewerkt.

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