Identify clearly what and where to study and jump-start your dream career.

No idea what to do after secondary school?
Unsure about one or more potential careers you have in mind?
You’ve already started your studies but realised they’re not for you?

We have the solution for you: our Personalised Career Guidance.

For us, professional success should not be measured by external factors but by your well-being. That is why we define it as the perfect match between your talents, your passions and the job market.

Thanks to our Personalised Career Guidance programme you will achieve this right from the start: together we will identify the profession and studies that will let you enjoy making a good living out of your talents and passions.

You will jump-start your dream career in three steps:

Get to know yourself

Get to know yourself

Get to know yourself

You will discover all of your talents, strengths, weaknesses, skills, values, passions, interests and priorities.Find out more »

Explore your options

Explore your options

Explore your options

You will learn about the job market and the professions, careers, study programmes and universities, that best suit your previously defined profile.Find out more »

Take the right steps

Take the right steps

Take the right steps

You will concretely define what to study, where, when and why, and you will launch into your career path with motivation and self-confidence.Find out more »

Jump-start your dream career right now!

Privacy guaranteed.

Some of our success stories:

It’s very common to have doubts and to feel lost while choosing your studies. This career guidance process really helps with this and to get more self-confidence so I would recommend it to everybody.

Sophie   Watch the video »PLAY Video

She has acquired the necessary tools to make decisions, to understand who she is, who she could be and who she wants to be.

Sara (mother)   Watch the video »PLAY Video

It went well and I learnt to get to know myself a bit better, to figure out what I wanted to do, in what direction I wanted to go in for my studies, because I was completely lost and it did me good.

Sarah   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I had no idea what I should study and thanks to the career guidance I finally found my career. I felt really understood by the counsellor and enjoyed the process.

Axel   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I wanted to determine whether medicine was the right career for me and I found a career that suits me more.

Aldana   Watch the video »PLAY Video

I was already studying but I quit because it wasn’t right for me. With the career guidance, I’ve not only reoriented but also discovered parts of myself that I ignored.

Matias   Watch the video »PLAY Video


How does the Personalised Career Guidance work?

Right from the beginning you will work individually with one of our career counsellors. You will have 6 individual weekly sessions of one hour each, and in between you will complete some tasks as “homework”. In total, it will take around 3 or 4 hours of your time per week during 6 weeks, but it could be accelerated if you are willing and available to do it faster.

OrientaEuro’s systematic approach is based on 4 axes:

Self-awareness: The first part will be dedicated to clearly defining your profile. Through exercises, tests, questions and other techniques, you will get to know yourself much better: your motivations, desires, priorities, needs, potential, talents, values, strengths, weaknesses and skills.

External reality: During the next sessions you will discover and analyse different professions, career paths and studies that line up with your already identified profile.

Decision making: In the final sessions you will acquire effective decision-making techniques and you will define precisely what, why, when and where to study. For your future reference, you will also receive and discuss at the sixth session a written report summarizing the main findings.

Effective implementation: Equipped, motivated and with the necessary level of self-confidence, you will be ready to implement your decisions right away. In case new challenges or opportunities arise, your counsellor and OrientaEuro’s team remain at your disposal to support you from now on.

Where and When?

In Belgium, our counsellors are available in different offices in Brussels, Namur and Louvain-la-Neuve. If distance makes it inconvenient for you to come to one of our offices, we offer the possibility to organise remote sessions via Skype. Sessions may take place between 9am and 8pm weekdays, and between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays.

Which language?

You can benefit from our Personalised Career Guidance in your preferred language: English, French, Dutch or Spanish.

Check Frequently Asked Questions on Personalised Career Guidance.


Take a step forward!

Privacy guaranteed.


OrientaEuro Belgium is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing high-quality personalised solutions for lifelong professional and personal well-being: career guidance for students, career coaching for adults, entrepreneurs coaching and retirement coaching.

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